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I've been making things since I was very young. My first-grade notebooks are full of doodles and drawings. My mom sewed, and on her classic black and gold, 1945-era Singer, I started sewing pieces of fabric together, then doll clothes, and by 7th grade I was making my own dresses for school. I began college in 1968 as an Art major, and continued to experiment with many different media. As a young married woman (age 20!) I began making all my gifts at Christmas time for family members: ornaments, stuffed animals, and many other things. I made curtains and re-upholstered furniture for all the houses we lived in. I took inspiration from every source: magazines and books, nature, museums, stores and TV shows. I've tried pottery, oil painting, water-color painting, fabric crafts of all kinds, knitting, crochet, paper collage, beading and jewelry making, shell crafts, furniture painting, paper-mache creations, doll-making, quilting.....you name it, I've probably given it a try. I still get excitement from seeing something that makes me think, "I CAN DO THAT!!", and I go home and get started.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In the last months I've completed several new afghans.  One of them is a pretty little pink number in case our family ever has any GIRL babies!

     Made from a nice off-white sweater and a patterned cardigan; hand embroidery touches.
These are velour and wool.

Lined with 100% cashmere!!


These are small, perfect for a little girl. (not quite finished yet)
I was inspired by a bunch of ladies in South Dakota who create mittens from felted wool sweaters, and who shared their pattern with me.  Now I'm obsessed with shopping at thrift stores for wool sweaters!!  My local store saves the sweaters they receive that have already been "felted" (read:  accidentally shrunken in the laundry!!).  I LOVE recycling these "ruined" items into useful new accessories.
A combination of navy ski sweater and off-white cuffs from a different sweater.

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