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I've been making things since I was very young. My first-grade notebooks are full of doodles and drawings. My mom sewed, and on her classic black and gold, 1945-era Singer, I started sewing pieces of fabric together, then doll clothes, and by 7th grade I was making my own dresses for school. I began college in 1968 as an Art major, and continued to experiment with many different media. As a young married woman (age 20!) I began making all my gifts at Christmas time for family members: ornaments, stuffed animals, and many other things. I made curtains and re-upholstered furniture for all the houses we lived in. I took inspiration from every source: magazines and books, nature, museums, stores and TV shows. I've tried pottery, oil painting, water-color painting, fabric crafts of all kinds, knitting, crochet, paper collage, beading and jewelry making, shell crafts, furniture painting, paper-mache creations, doll-making, quilting.....you name it, I've probably given it a try. I still get excitement from seeing something that makes me think, "I CAN DO THAT!!", and I go home and get started.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


 All summer I have been working on crafts
for the annual Christmas fair.  I think
I might be ready!!!
A mountain of mittens (64 pairs) made from felted sweaters (and my lavender toenail polish...sorry).

A pile of pincushions with beaded pins.

A closet FULL of aprons (45!)
Love this one,made from vintage flour
sack material with recycled tee-shirt trim.
A tree full of ornaments.....shell-studded orbs, crocheted stars,
woven fabric stars, painted & papered & jingle-belled wooden shapes
and beaded icicles.

Pendants, hand-painted onto washers.....I saw this in Australia at a craft fair,
so I used a lot of the Aboriginal dots for design.
A riot of painted rocks, something for ANY occasion.

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