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I've been making things since I was very young. My first-grade notebooks are full of doodles and drawings. My mom sewed, and on her classic black and gold, 1945-era Singer, I started sewing pieces of fabric together, then doll clothes, and by 7th grade I was making my own dresses for school. I began college in 1968 as an Art major, and continued to experiment with many different media. As a young married woman (age 20!) I began making all my gifts at Christmas time for family members: ornaments, stuffed animals, and many other things. I made curtains and re-upholstered furniture for all the houses we lived in. I took inspiration from every source: magazines and books, nature, museums, stores and TV shows. I've tried pottery, oil painting, water-color painting, fabric crafts of all kinds, knitting, crochet, paper collage, beading and jewelry making, shell crafts, furniture painting, paper-mache creations, doll-making, quilting.....you name it, I've probably given it a try. I still get excitement from seeing something that makes me think, "I CAN DO THAT!!", and I go home and get started.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Since I live next to a river, I am always picking up rocks!!  I go out to take a walk, and get totally sidetracked looking down for perfectly smooth rocks to paint.  I began several years ago by painting FamilyRocks for my friends for their birthdays.  The groups consists of a nice smooth stone with the family name on it, and then smaller stones with each of the first names of the family members.  As I progressed, I began to incorporate special logos, symbols and colors that are specific to each person.  Because of privacy issues, I have not posted many of those rocks, but I do include my own family group near the bottom of the page.  I began taking special orders from other friends and families who had seen the rocks in the homes of the "giftees".  Later I started painting a series of StateRocks, that include the name of the State and the State Flower.  Then there are the ThemeRocks, which focus on something someone loves:  baseball, wine, cars, frogs, etc.

My latest focus has been creating rocks to remember special occasions or trips.  People always wonder how I can paint such small images....it seems to come naturally to me.  I've had a lifetime fascination with all things miniature!
I do take special orders, so contact me if you would like to discuss your own special rock collection.
An example of a StateRock, painted for a friend who was born in Kansas.

A ThemeRock, painted for a wine enthusiast.  All rocks pictured here measure  about 1 - 1 1/2 inches.

I've done many of these Colorado Rocks, usually for visitors as a memento of their visits.

I did a whole series of HolidayRocks, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

I love to do Spanish phrases....my years of being a Spanish teacher has given me such a love for the language and culture.

An example of a "member" of a FamilyRocks group.....the little boy loves trucks.

This family member is obviously a Cubs fan, and likes music...and other things!

This is my own group of FamilyRocks....you should be able to tell some of our individual  interests if you look closely!

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